VHA Total Worker Health ®

Total Worker Health

The Valley Health Alliance has been selected as one of the twenty “Affiliate” partners in the United States with the Total Worker Health Program®, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.

The program focuses on the impact of work culture, workplace environment, safety and well-being for all American workers. “As workers, what happens to us in our home life, doesn’t stay and home and what happens in our work lives, doesn’t stay at work. Each bleeds into the other and they strongly influence one another,” said Dr. Casey Chosewood, Director, Total Worker Health Program®.

“When it comes to your overall health, the work you do and the people you work for are incredibly influential. In fact, your direct supervisor has far more of an impact on your health and mortality than your primary care provider will ever have,” explained Dr. Casey Chosewood.

The goal of the program is to share concepts of healthy supervision, provide up-to-date information on managing a diverse workforce, and provide strategies for ensuring worker safety, health and well-being. The Total Worker Health Program® promotes leading characteristics of health-conscious supervisors, strategies for putting healthier supervision and leadership into practice, and empowering workers in openly identifying opportunities and challenges in their respective work environments promoting engagement and meaningful interactions.

The following elements promote an environment of well-being:
* A culture of well-being focusing on physical, mental and environmental health
* Empowerment and enhanced decision-making capabilities
* Influence over work environment
* Flexible schedules, breaks, lunch times and opportunities for telecommuting
* Engaged supervision and leadership
* Multiple levels of support systems: leadership, supervisory and peer models
* Eliminate isolation and poor socialization
* Comprehensive training and on-boarding
* Healthy communications and interactions
* Hostility, discrimination, bullying and harassment-free work environments
* Evaluation of risks:
– Repetitive work
– Heavy lifting
– Exposure to toxins
– Exposure to extremes in temperature
– Sedentary work
– Equipment failure
– Protective clothing and equipment
– Access to natural light

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