About Us

The Valley Health Alliance was founded as a not-for-profit focused on the “Quadruple Aim” —- promoting access to quality care, nurturing evidenced-based population health management practices, reducing excess waste and inappropriate costs and supporting the care of the healthcare workers in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Tri-County region.

The Tri-County region is the primary support for the resort and ranching communities with transient and low-income service sector employees with historically high barriers to access health care and health insurance. Many employees travel long distances between their homes and places of employment because of the high cost of living in the resort communities. The integration of healthcare and population health management coordination, led by the Valley Health Alliance, is critical to improving the health of the regional employee population and their families.

The VHA intends to assist in developing a healthcare model that promotes awareness, engagement, self-responsibility and accountability for ones personal health. Together we will blaze new trails and explore methods of improving access to care, reduce costs and promote the health of our community.

The VHA also is serving as an “incubator” through innovation, research and development, best practices, and healthcare initiatives which are shared openly regionally, at the state level and across the country for potential replication and community benefit especially for rural communities. The VHA openly shares data from annual biometric health fair screening and health assessments identifying population “lifestyle and medical risks”. In addition, program templates, coaching models, focus group feedback and other VHA intellectual capital are shared promoting community benefit.

The Valley Health Alliance provides a unique vehicle for collaboration among employers,  employees and providers to improve the health and well-being of our communities.