Health Fairs

See health fair dates and locations here.

Goals of VHA Health Fairs

Our Health. Our Priority.

  • Conduct a “screening” experience not a “diagnostic” experience
  • Better understand the risks and needs associated with the VHA
  • Identify those with “Metabolic Syndrome”
  • Educate and inform at the point of service
  • Create an engaging and meaningful experience
  • Promote the “Know Your Numbers” campaign (BP, GLU, BMI, CHO,
  • Promote the “Know Your Doctor” campaign (Connect to Primary Care)
  • Build a robust VHA Data Warehouse
  • Develop targeted interventions based on data
  • Promote member engagement (70 % Target)
  • Promote participation in Health Assessment
  • Connect members to VHA Coaches certified by the Cooper Institute
  • Stratify risks in the population: Low, Moderate and High
  • Provide focused community resources: sleep, nutrition, stress, weight management etc.
  • Keep the “already healthy — healthy”
  • Be part of a vibrant and resilient community

See health fair dates and locations here.